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[Goods] CCS Birthday Party

 photo ccsbday.jpg

The Cardcaptor Sakura website has updated with more information about the April 1st Birthday new merchandise. [CCS Birthday Party link]

 photo ccsfuryu.jpg

And Furyu has a new Sakura doll coming out in April, too in an outfit that hasn't gotten much merchandise appearance yet. [Furyu website]
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[Video] HiGH&LOW g-sword (to be updated)

 photo gw2.jpg

Episode 1 with subtitles
HQ link in case youtube gets deleted

Episode 2 with subtitles

This post will be updated with all episode links.
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[Goods] AnimeJapan 2017

Below are a few of the newer items available at this weekend's AnimeJapan in Tokyo.
 photo C7pWadEVAAA1lyR.jpg
@kona_milo's CCS keychains (she's the artist who created the clay figures on CLAMP-NET)

 photo img_event05_2.png

CCS large postcards featuring the Clear Card tankouban illustrations. See Takaratomy's website for other CCS goods.

 photo C7rS4mhVYAAwsSL.jpg

CLAMP's Kabukibu poster at the Shochiku booth

Kero and Suppi will be at the CCS booth. More info here.
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[News] Puzzle & Dragon X Weekly Shonen Magazine

 photo ts006.jpg  photo ts007.jpg

Tsubasa's Sakura and Syaoran are included in the Puzzle & Dragon X Weekly Shonen Magazine upcoming collaboration. I'm not too sure on the details other than Puzzle & Dragon is an RPG app game probably only available in Japan. The collaboration starts March 27th.

News on the collaboration here.
Puzzle & Dragon website here
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[Preview] HiGH&LOW g-sword anime

A preview of the flash animation show has been leaked on twitter.
You can also try this link if the twitter link disappears.
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[Update] Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card Volume 2

A closer look at the extras in Volume 2's limited edition. Out April 1st.
 photo ccscc23.jpg photo ccscc23ex.jpg
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[News] HiGH&LOW anime

 photo 73d00e66gy1fdovesy3tkj20ch0hutc8.jpg

The color page from next week's HiGH&LOW manga series reveals that CLAMP's adaptation will get a flash animation series airing March 27-31 as part of Sukkiri. I assume it will be similar to those short 5 minute episode series. More to come.
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[Misc] xxxHOLiC, HiGH&LOW, CCS

The music from the January SOUNDTHEATRE X xxxHOLiC stage production will be featured in a May concert event.

Date: Saturday, May 20, 2017
Time: Opening 17: 00 / Opening 17: 30
Venue: Future SEVEN
Preorder: All seats specified ¥ 4,500
At Venue: All seats specified ¥ 5,000

 photo news_xlarge_HighLow_2.jpg

CLAMP's HiGH&LOW g-sword manga will begin publishing next week, March 22. The promo image is above. Maybe the whole manga will be in SD form.

 photo FIG-DOL-9594.jpg

Takara Tomy's Cardcaptor Sakura doll in her Platinum dress is available for preorder. The doll will be released in August. Amiami link.
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[News] Kabukibu! PV

Youtube link to the anime PV. The Kabukibu anime starts April 6th. CLAMP was responsible for the character designs.
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[News] HiGH&LOW

 photo 6d095916gy1fdenvcu7tdj20xc0p0grp.jpg  photo C6Wd5sEUoAAjrDF.jpg

This week's Shonen Magazine includes a HiGH&LOW illustrated postcard by CLAMP. CLAMP's HiGH&LOW manga will start in the March 22nd issue.

Thx to twitter user @69wood69 for the postcard image. Click above image for larger size.
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[Cover] Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card Arc Volume 2

 photo C5-UAaIVMAAdWJA.jpg
Volume 2 will be out April 1st.

And a special CCS calendar (edit: 2 three-month calendars) are included in this month's Nakayoshi.

 photo C59PQcAWUAAdycB.jpg

To the new members of the community, please login and join to see media links. Thx!
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Next week's Shonen Magazine will have a HIGH&LOW illustrated postcard by CLAMP. CLAMP's manga adaptation was announced for this coming spring. More news to come.
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[Cover] Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card Arc Volume 2

 photo 61dnoSTPUJL.jpg  photo nakayoshi03.jpg

This month's Nakayoshi features an ad for Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card Arc's Volume 2 which is out April 1st. The limited edition includes can badges, key chain and postcard. I think the postcard is featured in the ad image above.
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[News] Kabukibu character designs

 photo characlamp01.png

CLAMP's characters designs for the upcoming anime, Kabukibu, are now online at the anime website.
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[Misc] Happy 20th Anniversary Suga Shikao

CLAMP wishes Suga Shikao a Happy 20th Anniversary on Twitter with a lovely xxxHOLiC illustration. Suga Shikao has consistently contributed music to the xxxHOLiC anime franchise and has his 20th Anniversary concert today.

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[Goods] Fuu and Sakura

 photo C5BZzpXUkAQjbbw.jpg photo C5BCSO-UkAA7Hhc.jpg

A couple other items mentioned at this year's WonFes are above. A Maxfactory figma Hikaru came out last year, and this year, Fuu is scheduled. And Takara Tomy will release Sakura in her 3rd anime opening costume, too.
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[Goods] Syaoran Nendoroid

 photo 38.jpg

A preview of the upcoming Syaoran Nendoroid was revealed at this year's WonFes. Most info to come. [WHL4U gallery]
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[Misc] V-Day

A couple Mokona's for your V-day.
 photo C4l5D9xVUAAu5yh.jpg

 photo 16465280_1222680157823549_7981727765021851648_n.jpg
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[News] Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card Arc Volume 2

An ad in Nakayoshi 3 reveals that Volume 2 will be released April 1st. The limited edition will come with a postcard (illustration seen above), keychain and can badges.
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[Goods] CCS Tomoeda school outfits

I missed this earlier, but you can get your Sakura or Syaoran junior high outfits preordered at ACOS. They start shipping in April.