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 photo 2016-08ccsmem.jpg

Another piece of merchandise for the CCS fans is coming out in the form of a Memorial box.

It will contain:

  • Nakayoshi Cardcaptor Sakura Calendar (with 5 previously unpublished illustrations)

  • Sakura and Touya Childhood Memories comic side-story (16P)

  • 1/1 scale Kero plush

  • And featuring a new illustration by CLAMP on the box (in the above ad)

On sale October 3rd for 3600 yen!
[CCS website info]
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[personal profile] seichan has the limited edition of xxxHOLiC Rei Volume 4 up for preorder. The limited edition will come with the 2005 Blu-ray edition of the 2005 xxxHOLiC animated movie.
The release date is October 6, 2016.

Tsubasa World Chronicle Volume 3 will be out August 17th. (the original date was July, but got pushed back..I'm not sure if the new release date got posted here.). The limited edition will come with a PlayButton audio drama. link

And if you were curious about the new interactive CCS wand and cards, a video of how they work was posted on twitter.

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And more WonFes figure news.

Hobby Max has announced a CCS Yue figure.
 photo 2016-07 yue.jpg

I didn't mention this before, but there will also be MKR's Umi and Fuu figmas to go along with the Hikaru figure that is now available for preorder.

And this new Code Geass: Lelouch Code Black 1st Live ver. figure looks pretty cool, too.

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From this weekend's Wonder Festival 2016, GoodSmile Company announced many new figures this afternoon on twitter including two upcoming CCS Syaoran figures, Nendoroid and figma.

Update: The Syaoran Nendoroid figure was due to the 10th Anniversay survey where he came in at #1. Survey Results here.
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Amazon Japan now lists the GoodSmile Company's Kinomoto Sakura figure which will be available for preorder July 21, tomorrow. There are two versions.
Both will be released June 30, 2017.

Sakura only:
 photo 51qUCDEdlkL.jpg
Price - 14,000 yen
GSC preorder link

 photo 510KEj2GsyL.jpg
Sakura Stars Bless You full figure:
Price - 25,000 yen
GSC preorder link

Update: More photos at GSC blog
GSC product page
GSC's 15th Anniversary website
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The two Sakura Nendoroids will be available for preorder tomorrow.
Nendoroid Co-de Sakura Kinomoto: Black Cat Maid Co-de
Nendoroid Co-de Sakura Kinomoto: Angel Crown Co-de
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 photo tumblr_o9njdmVsZA1sb0xqio1_1280.jpg

The colored prototype of this new figure, Sakura Kinomoto: Stars Bless You, is currently on display this weekend at the Anime Expo. A limited edition print of the illustration is on sale there, too.
Thx to mechanicaljapan at tumblr

 photo 2016-07 sby.jpg
*The figure will be available Spring 2017.

Additional photos and figure information will be updated here.
More photos under cut )
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To celebrate its 15th Anniversary and CCS's 20th, Goodsmile has revealed a new Cardcaptor Sakura figurine's illustration and figure prototype on twitter this morning. The prototype will be on display at Tokyo Akihabara Animate May 1 - May 5. Release info to come. Goodsmile 15th's Anniversary website is here.

 photo 2016-04-30 CCS goodsmile.jpg

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The CCS page is up. Stay tuned for more release news on the dress.
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 photo img_aboutcard01_pc.png

ANN has a summary of the new Clow Set in which the 52 card set can interact with the Clow Card book, Sealing Wand & Talking Kero plush via RFID chip. Sounds like the ultimate purchase in cosplay accessories, though you may want to ignore the prices.

Find out more about these new toys at Takara Tomy.
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See larger images at Animate.

ETA: and the new merchandise coinciding with the cafe:

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There's a Cardcaptor Sakura ad in April's Nakayoshi magazine featuring the upcoming 20th Anniversary artbook along with a small preview of a new illustration.

This issue also announces a new short Cardcaptor Sakura manga series that will be published this year. [more at ANN]

 photo CcjoxixUAAABxY7.jpg

 photo 2016-02 CCS.jpg

Nakayosi's website just updated with more information on the artbook and a larger illustration.
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Animate lottery items to be released in January; more info and pics here including this lovely image.

 photo 2014-12ccs.jpg


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