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 photo C5-UAaIVMAAdWJA.jpg
Volume 2 will be out April 1st.

And a special CCS calendar (edit: 2 three-month calendars) are included in this month's Nakayoshi.

 photo C59PQcAWUAAdycB.jpg

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 photo 61dnoSTPUJL.jpg  photo nakayoshi03.jpg

This month's Nakayoshi features an ad for Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card Arc's Volume 2 which is out April 1st. The limited edition includes can badges, key chain and postcard. I think the postcard is featured in the ad image above.
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An ad in Nakayoshi 3 reveals that Volume 2 will be released April 1st. The limited edition will come with a postcard (illustration seen above), keychain and can badges.
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 photo CyQm0gUUQAEn6WR.jpg

The cover of the first tankouban is above. It will be released December 2nd.

And close-up of the limited edition extras.

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 photo e356f01f3a292df5de4c433cb5315c6035a87340.jpg

December's Nakayoshi reveals details on the new Cardcaptor Sakura anime. It will start airing January 2018 on NHK. The original director, Morio Asaka from Madhouse, and original seiyuu are returning.

The seiyuu include:
Sakura Tange as Sakura Kinomoto
Aya Hisakawa as Keroberos
Junko Iwao as Tomoyo Daidouji
Motoko Kumai as Syaoran Li
Megumi Ogata as Yukito Tsukishiro
Tomokazu Seki as Touya Kinomoto

The original anime first aired in 1998. The 20th Anniversary celebration continues...Looking forward to it! <3
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The interview is about CLAMP's use of Cybozu Live while they work. There's also an interesting interview between Cybozu and Nanase Ohkawa here. Nanase Ohkawa discusses the meaning of being 'different' and 'normal' with CCS in mind.


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 photo ccsccv1.jpg

From the inside of next month's Nakayoshi, there is an ad for the first volume of Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card out in December. The new illustration seems most likely to be the cover of volume 1 and the limited edition goods are also featured.

Below is the cover of next week's Nakayoshi which features Sakura on the cover again.

 photo 2016-12 nakayoshi.jpg
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CLAMP-NET has updated with information on the upcoming Tsubasa Official Guidebooks.

Forgive the rehash, but here are the details again...
- Detailed analysis of the characters (not just the main characters)
- Top 5 characters rated
- Interview with CLAMP
- Storyboards of Tsubasa World Chronicle - Nirai Kanai
- Horitsuba comic not previously published in a book
- Cover illustration & poster
- Release Nov 17

Tsubasa ILLuSTRaTION CHRoNiCLE (mini artbook)
- 23 illustrations from Tsubasa World Chronicle - Nirai Kanai
- And scenes from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle in color
- Release Nov 17

Tsubasa SToRy CHRoNiCLE
- History of the story from the Tokyo arc to Nirai-kanai arc
- Interview with CLAMP
- Illustrations contributed from other mangaka
- Kinugawa Onsen-hen comic
- Cover illustration & poster
- Release mid-Dec


Also, I don't think I posted this.

 photo ccsed1.jpg

The Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card Volume 1 tankouban will be released December 2nd. The Special Edition will come with a mangaka set (watercolor pencils, wand-shaped pen, Clow card tracing pad)
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From this weekend's Wonder Festival 2016, GoodSmile Company announced many new figures this afternoon on twitter including two upcoming CCS Syaoran figures, Nendoroid and figma.

Update: The Syaoran Nendoroid figure was due to the 10th Anniversay survey where he came in at #1. Survey Results here.
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 photo ccsn1.jpg available at the Cardcaptor Sakura website here (click on Vol. 1)

Translation here.
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 photo CCS website.jpg

The official Cardcaptor Sakura website has been refreshed with a new image and menu options. There is plenty of information about the characters, manga and anime. The announcement about the new anime is there, and there news about a Cardcaptor Sakura newspaper that will debut at the Tokyo Toy Show June 9th.
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 photo 2016-07 nakayoshi7.jpg

Nakayoshi #7 is out this week and contains the return of CLAMP's Cardcaptor Sakura manga. The story continues with Sakura in her first year of junior high and the 'Clear Card' arc.

The painted prototype of Good Smile's Cardcaptor Sakura figurine will be on display for the first time at this year's Anime Expo in Los Angeles this July.
[Good Smile for more info]

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The upcoming issue of Nakayoshi magazine contains the return of the Cardcaptor Sakura manga and news of a new anime in the works! The magazine is on stands June 3rd.
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Edited to add: another sneak peek...
 photo 2016-04 ccspk.jpg

 photo 2016-04 ccsnw.jpg

Cardcaptor Sakura will pick up in July's Nakayoshi out June 3rd. Sakura will be in her first year of junior high.

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The official CCS website is open

and twitter account @ccsakura_info

and facebook page in case you need even more CCS.

News about the new manga will be in May's issue of Nakayoshi.

 photo 2016-03 CCS stamps.jpg
And a stamp collection will be available April 1st.

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There's a Cardcaptor Sakura ad in April's Nakayoshi magazine featuring the upcoming 20th Anniversary artbook along with a small preview of a new illustration.

This issue also announces a new short Cardcaptor Sakura manga series that will be published this year. [more at ANN]

 photo CcjoxixUAAABxY7.jpg

 photo 2016-02 CCS.jpg

Nakayosi's website just updated with more information on the artbook and a larger illustration.
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Volume 9, the last volume of this CCS reprint, will be out tomorrow. Below is an image of the full cover...

 photo 2015-08 60CCS9.jpg

...and below is a blurry peek at the special edition's extra sleeve cover. The special edition includes 12 large-sized (B6) illustrated trading cards. (I'll replace the image below with a nicer when available.)

 photo 2015-08 60CCS9b.jpg

EDIT: Lovely scans shared at the livejournal community.
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 photo CCS60 8.jpg

Volume 8 of Nakayoshi's CCS reprint is out today.

 photo CCS9prewv.jpg

And a peek at next month's last volume is above.


In other CLAMP mechandise news...

 photo junna_rubberstrap_sample-300x300.png

CLAMP also designed some Iwao Junko (Tomoyo) goods for Comiket 88

And these upcoming CCS items are pretty sweet.

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 photo sakura_60shunen_7.jpg

Volume 7 is out today. And Volume 8 will be out next month...cover below. More info at CLAMP-NET.

 photo cc7insert.jpg

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 photo sakura_60shunen_5.jpg photo sakura_60shunen_6.jpg

Volumes 5 & 6 are out today.

Better images at CLAMP-NET.

 photo tumblr_np4jrgem721rtf1q8o1_500.jpg

And the illustration for Volume 9 which is out in August.(this maybe the cover of 7 or 8 but the person who shared the image believes it is for 9)


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