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CLAMP-NET has been re-opened. It's trimmed down from the last website and now has a craft-like quality due to the photos of the clay figures and handwritten-like font, but it's pretty cute and the schedule calendar is useful. There's a facebook link, too, but it's down at the moment.


BTW, the xxxHOLiC drama blu-ray/dvd will be released November 6th. CLAMP will illustrate the limited edition box. More info here.
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CLAMP-NET is back for April 1st. Check out the lovely new illustration of our favorite April 1st birthday characters trying to recruit other April 1st-ers. And download the special wallpaper and April 1st dog tumbler cup inserts at links at the bottom. Happy April Fools'/CLAMP Day.

Also noticed this gem of a doodle at their twitter account.

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CLAMP-NET is open to pre-registration for its new NET.COM membership site. If you already have an @Mobile user/pw, you don't have to register again. This new membership site is free and right now, is not limited to Japan, so go for it. [credits: [personal profile] chibiyuuto]

Cut for screencapped steps and notes )


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Welcome to a CLAMP community that is focused on the news and release information regarding their manga, Cardcaptor Sakura, Tsubasa, Drug & Drop, xxxHOLiC and whatever other mischief CLAMP gets into. Enjoy!

~Upcoming manga~
Cardcaptor Sakura - monthly
xxxHOLiC Rei - sorta monthly
Tsubasa World Chronicles - monthly (on hiatus)

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