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Some upcoming domestic licensing news from Dark Horse:

Legal Drug omnibus will be released September 10, 2014 (will contain all three volumes).
Drug & Drop Volume 1 will be released January 7, 2015.

And they will start to release CLAMP's works digitally starting with Clover May 21, 2014, and Cardcaptor Sakura and Chobits in June.

[credits: ANN)
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CLAMP's GATE 7 Volume 2 will be out November 4th.

ETA: Dark Horse will release it February 29th. Their Cardcaptor Omnibus 3 will be out February 15th.
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Publishers Weekly has a preview page of GATE 7 which will be released by Dark Horse October 25th. Click here.

And Kadokawa's new currently untitled magazine will publish a 2nd manga adaptation of BLOOD-C.
[credits: Manganews]
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Dark Horse will be releasing the English version of CLAMP's GATE 7 Volume 1 on October 25th. Read DH editor, Michael Gombos', comments about simultaneous and/or digital releases at ANN.


There's also an image of the cover, so it's possible CLAMP will not be drawing new illustrations for the tankoubans (like they did not do for Kobato).

ETA: A full interview with Michael Gombos at MTV.
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Sorry, I wasn't aware MTV had manga news, so this is a little late...

"...Later this year, we'll be releasing omnibus editions of "Tokyo Babylon" and "Angelic Layer.." --Dark Horse's Michael Gombos [credits: MTV Geek]

Again, hopefully later this year means this year..:)


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