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CLAMP-NET has updated with its first report and a few photos from the past weekend's exhibition. CLICK HERE
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CLAMP-NET has updated with images of the rest of the CLAMP @Mobile Fes event merchandise. These are the items available at the member-only exhibit at Amlux Tokyo Feb 5-6th. If you are in Tokyo, please check out the website for more details on the activities and merchandise.

1. Event Poster
2. Deco Chocolate with CLAMP's illustrations
3. Blythe totes (Watanuki or Sakura)
4. Kobato fleece (650x480mm)
5. Fes plastic bags with Mokona
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CLAMP-NET has updated to confirm yesterday's news
February 9: last chapter of xxxHolic
March: xxxHolic Complete Book Guide Kodansha's Bessatsu Shonen Magazine will have an online survey with a chance to win a gift by lottery. Details in this month's issue.

And the commemorative goods for the February 5-6th CLAMP@Mobile Fes! have been revealed:
(1) clear B2 poster with an illustration drawn for the event
(2) Blythe-version of Watanuki and Sakura tote bag
(3) Kobato. fleece
(4) Chocolate with illustrated package
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Newtype has more information on the CLAMP exhibition coming up in February with good news for the general public ~

At the Ikebukuro Animate store, 9th floor
February 3-13 - Free admission to everyone
- xxxHolic・Rou Adayume exhibition
- CLAMP exhibit of reproductions
- CLAMP fair merchandise at Animate stores

At the Ikebukuro Amlux Tokyo, 5th floor
for CLAMP@Mobile members (previously posted)
February 5
- CLAMP exhibit of original artwork (GATE 7, xxxHolic, Kobato, Tsubasa)
- Photo opportunity with life-size character cutouts
- Event only merchandise
February 6 - for 200 lottery winners
- Premiere showing of xxxHolic・Rou Adayume
- CLAMP talk show
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More information has been released about the CLAMP@MOBiLE Fes!2011 exhibition. Sadly, everything is members-only. It will be held at the Amlux Tokyo (Ikebukuro, Tokyo) February 5-6th.

The exhibition will feature original color artwork from xxxHolic, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Kobato. and GATE 7. Event merchandise will also be sold.

The special event on the 6th will be a screening of the xxxHolic·Rou Adayume OAD. The audience of 200 will be picked by lottery from members-only applications due Dec 20th. All four CLAMP members will participate in a talk show, too.

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Good news: There will be an art exhibit at Ikebukuro - Tokyo, Japan, coming up in February 2011
Bad news: So far the news is mostly for CLAMP@MOBILE members

Free events for members
  • Member-only art exhibit
  • Member-only lottery for special event

More about dates, venue, exhibit content, special contents will be revealed late October and hopefully, the exhibit will be open to the public.

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