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Suga Shikao's xxxHOLiC drama theme song, Aitai, has been released as a digital single on itunes and recochoku. The CD single will be released April 10th and will come with 3 tracks and a music video extra.
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Suga Shikao will release a new single, アイタイ (Aitai), April 2nd. The song will be used as the xxxHOLiC drama theme song. This is his first official single in two years and his first, since he has revealed that he has been fighting hearing loss.
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He actually released a digital single last year, Festival, but I guess that's not an official single with his new label.

Otona Fami magazine will feature an article with Anne and xxxHOLiC, and a feature on manga including CLAMP's CCS.

WOWOW has xxxHOLiC drama wallpapers for your computer or smartphones.
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Suga Shikao who has contributed multiple theme songs to xxxHolic has been added to the lineup as a performer.

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CLAMP-NET has updated with more news:

October 4: New editions of Gohou Drug Volume 1 & 2
November 4: New edition of Gohou Drug Volume 3
There will be new illustrated covers for these releases

November 4: Gohou Drug starts in Young Ace 12

There will be promotional application cards with the new editions, with the upcoming Kobato Volume 6 and Illustration & Memories book, with Newtype 9, and with Young Ace 12.
The cards can be sent in for some prizes:
- Kobato framed illustrated print (10 available)
- Gohou Drug framed illustrated print from the new series (10 available)
- Kobato illustrated book card (100 available)
- Gohou Drug illustration book card from the new series (100 available)

Kami-sama no Gosui will have a drama CD released September 30th. CLAMP's book illustration will serve as the CD jacket cover. Jun Fukuyama, Rie Tanaka and Daisuke Ono are part of the cast.

Here's the cover to the Suga Shikao Special Supplement mook out today. CLAMP's 4-page xxxHOLiC・止 manga will included.
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To commemorate Suga Shikao's 15th Anniversary and the release of his Sugarless II Love Song Best album, CLAMP has contributed a 4-page manga in Kadokawa's Special Supplement featuring Suga Shikao Mook to be released August 10th. Chibiyuuto has news from CLAMP-NET's member board that it will be an xxxHolic manga.

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