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Photobucket has updated with the cover of the re-release of Gohou Drug Volume 3. It will be out November 4th. Click the above picture to d/l the larger image.

cutesherry has shared the Kobato. Illustrations & Memories cover illustration here.

Photobucket also has the cover illustration of the Clamp School Detectives box set re-release. It will be out December 22nd.

Junko Wong has a small blurb about the past weekend's CLAMP x Blythe signing event at her blog here.

Over at the chinese board, there are some campics of the CLAMP Festival guidebook here. There are seiyuu/singer profiles and pages dedicated to CLAMP's recent projects.
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CLAMP-NET's beginning of September update: plenty of pretty images this time

GATE 7 ~ [JUMP SQ. - monthly chapters]
September 4: Chapter 7
October 4: Chapter 8


Gohou Drug ~ [Young Ace - monthly chapters]
October 4: New editions of Gohou Drug Volume 1 & 2
November 4: New edition of Gohou Drug Volume 3
November 4: Gohou Drug starts in Young Ace 12


BLOOD-C - [weekly anime]
September 28: BR/DVD Volume 1 (LE extra: CLAMP setting guide, video from the premiere)
October 4: Blood-C Novel version with CLAMP-illustrated cover
October 26: BR/DVD Volume 2 (LE extra: OST 1, textless op/ed)
November 23: BR/DVD Volume 3
December 21: BR/DVD Volume 4
January 25: BR/DVD Volume 5
February 22: BR/DVD Volume 6
2012: movie


September 6: xxxHolic Postcard Book
September 24: CLAMP FESTIVAL
September 26: Kobato. Illustrations & Memories
October 26: Tsubasa Chronicle DVD-BOX
November 26: Tsubasa Chronicle Season 2 DVD-BOX
Date unknown: Code Geass GAIDEN: Boukoku no Akito (possible OVA DVD in November, or 2012)
Date unknown: xxxHolic Artbook
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CLAMP-NET has updated with more news:

October 4: New editions of Gohou Drug Volume 1 & 2
November 4: New edition of Gohou Drug Volume 3
There will be new illustrated covers for these releases

November 4: Gohou Drug starts in Young Ace 12

There will be promotional application cards with the new editions, with the upcoming Kobato Volume 6 and Illustration & Memories book, with Newtype 9, and with Young Ace 12.
The cards can be sent in for some prizes:
- Kobato framed illustrated print (10 available)
- Gohou Drug framed illustrated print from the new series (10 available)
- Kobato illustrated book card (100 available)
- Gohou Drug illustration book card from the new series (100 available)

Kami-sama no Gosui will have a drama CD released September 30th. CLAMP's book illustration will serve as the CD jacket cover. Jun Fukuyama, Rie Tanaka and Daisuke Ono are part of the cast.

Here's the cover to the Suga Shikao Special Supplement mook out today. CLAMP's 4-page xxxHOLiC・止 manga will included.
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The new manga announcement in Newtype is that CLAMP will start a new Gohou (Legal) Drug series in Young Ace Magazine on November 4th!

The three previously released volumes will be reprinted with new covers starting October 3rd.

[credits: ANN]

Newtype image from Manganews


And a small image of CLAMP's BLOOD-C illustration for Newtype 9.


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