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A trailer of the new Code Geass project was shown to the audience of the 10th Anniversary event earlier this year. A high quality leak (?) has surfaced online. I believe it's from the DVD/Blu-ray of the 10th Anniversary event that went on sale about a week ago. Enjoy.

Link to tweet because DW doesn't embed stuff well.
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 photo 1234646343_cl.jpg

Just a small image right now. Volume 1 will be out October 23rd.

 photo BU7NzaQCEAEFchT.jpg

And a small image of Code Geass R2's Blu-ray box. This will be out March 2014.
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[personal profile] seichan has an article on the CLAMP Pia mook with some preview pages here.

The PW-momoko ae <CLAMP> doll has sold out of its first run and will have a second preorder run starting September 22nd. Included with the doll will be a postcard with CLAMP's illustration. More info here.

Tomaoki Maeno (Kobato's Fujimoto), Sayaka Ohara (xxxHolic's Yuuko) and Mika Kikuchi (TRC/xxxHolic's Mokona) have been added to the CLAMP Festival guest list. Their appearance schedule is here

Code Geass: Akito the Exile Chapter 1 Blu-ray/DVD will be released January 29th, 2013. No CLAMP-related extras, but more info here.
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A new trailer has appeared for movie which opens August 4th.
ETA: Spoilers from the advanced showing.

And a couple photos from the weekend premiere of Gackt's Moon Saga have been released here. (Have any community members seen it yet?)
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Right now, Bandai online is featuring Code Geass and all of its current projects. Take a look if you are awake!


The Code Geass: Akito the Exiled website has many updates to look forward to. Chapter 1 premieres August 4th in theaters.

CLAMP-NET's beginning of June updates did not contain any new items, but CLAMP's mokona twitter accounts keep tweeting about the 2012 CLAMP Festival, so I expect something about that event soon. :)
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A new official trailer to the BLOOD-C movie is up at youtube. It contains new footage. The movie will be out June 2nd.

The BLOOD-"C"arnival was held today in Tokyo. Nana Mizuki unveiled her new single, Metro Baroque, which is the theme song to the BLOOD-C movie and other seiyuu were also in attendance. []

Side notes:
SHOP-CLAMP will be selling new SD CLAMP character goods in May. While most of us cannot purchase them, it's cute stuff to look at.

And if you haven't heard, Code Geass: Akito the Exiled will be a 4-episode OVA.
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Photobucket has updated with many new project in store for Code Geass including the long-awaited Akito anime, a new Nunnally in Wonderland OVA, a movie, Code Geass musical and social game. A summary of information has been posted at the community.
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Dengeki #2 is out and the magazine has a special download page where you can get PC, ipad, cell phone wallpapers of CLAMP's illustration here.

CLAMP also created some stickers for Yui Sakai's helmet. She's a Japanese short track skater that was at the previous Winter Olympics. She posted photos of the stickers at her blog.

And mark your calendars, January 12 at 22:30, there will be a live web announcement at regarding the new Code Geass: Akito series, casting news and other information.
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The Moon Saga press conference was held earlier today and was also streamed live. Gackt, the director and a couple other key staff were there. They talked about the story and the expansion of the play to manga, anime, game and music. The play will run July-August next year.
[Mantan-web for news article & press photos, Cinematoday for news article]

And speaking of stage plays, Code Geass will have a run of 13 performances on stage in April of next year. will have info on this project and ticket purchase.
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[personal profile] seichan has news that the third season of Code Geass will air this winter.
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Newtype 2 will have a feature on the Code Geass Gaiden, Boukoku no Akito. A preview of the article has been leaked by 2ch and can be seen here. CLAMP is still cited as the original character designer, so let's hope we'll see their art in the future.

ETA: more news
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I'll be tentatively posting here. LJ's ads and linkage policies are finally getting to me. Posts will be x-posted starting with the next post.

Just some catching up,
I posted this over at [community profile] code_geass earlier this week, and several other members have added more detail.
The Code Geass Tanjoubi no Kiseki DVD had a short PV about the new anime project (2ch rumors are that it is a 6-part OVA):

Code Geass GAIDEN: Boukoku no Akito (Akito of the Fallen Country)
In this broken world, we still dream
a.t.b.2017 (same time period as the first season)
The hellish European front,
A small squad infiltrates enemy territory to save their allies,
That squadron’s Nightmare Devicers are boys and girls from Zone 11.
The mission’s chance of success is only 5%.
Why do they fight?
[trans: konart]

Director: Kazuki Akane (Escaflowne, Birdy the Might Decode)
Script: Shigeru Morita (Gundam Seed, Blood+)
Original character design: CLAMP
Anime character design: Takahiro Kimura
Knightmare design: Akira Yasuda


There will be a mail-in new short OAD for those who buy the 3 upcoming magazines with the new xxxHolic-related content: Shonen Magazine, Zoukan Magazine SP and Bessatsu Shonen Magazine.
[credits: thelastfruit]

Volume 18 of the manga will be out in October.
[Credits: blog]

The xxxHolic anime will also be re-release in a box set. The 1st part will be out in July with 12 episodes. CLAMP will illustrate the box, and there will also be a deluxe booklet with anime illustrations included. The 2nd part will be out in the summer, too, while a xxxHolic Kei box set is also planned.
[credits: - This Amazon link probably has the wrong price, there is another one with a different sale price.]

FUNimation is also re-releasing the first season as a part of their Viridian Collection (meaning~ less expensive than their previous box set). It will be out in May.


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