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Here's a look at the xxxHOLiC limited edition Blu-ray release. It will be released November 6th. The DVD box will also be on sale then, but does not have the special box or CLAMP-illustrated folding screen.

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This reversible postcard is available if you make a purchase through

More info CLAMP-NET
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Suga Shikao will release a new single, アイタイ (Aitai), April 2nd. The song will be used as the xxxHOLiC drama theme song. This is his first official single in two years and his first, since he has revealed that he has been fighting hearing loss.
[credits: oricon]

He actually released a digital single last year, Festival, but I guess that's not an official single with his new label.

Otona Fami magazine will feature an article with Anne and xxxHOLiC, and a feature on manga including CLAMP's CCS.

WOWOW has xxxHOLiC drama wallpapers for your computer or smartphones.
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The first 5 minutes of xxxHOLiC's episode 1 has been shared at WOWOW, and then shared on youtube. The drama officially starts February 24th.
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WOWOW's xxxHOLiC drama website has updated with a glimpse of Yuuko and Watanuki. The drama starts February 24th


MF link to Haken Anime part 4 from the recent an*an magazine. (pw: anan)
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Masahiro Higashide has been cast as Doumeki while Karen Miyazaki has been cast as Himawari in the upcoming xxxHolic live-action drama which starts in February.
[More at cinematoday]


The Nagoya CLAMP Festival has announced some of its programming including the following:
CLAMP Talk Show
Original story reading by CLAMP
Special performances by the guest artists
Results of the CLAMP popularity contest
Concert including Suga Shikao, Kotani Kinya, Sakura Tange, Megumi Oogata, Junko Iwao, Mika Kikuchi.

The Festival is coming up this weekend, December 2nd.
[More info at Chinichi's blog.]

New CLAMP Festival goods can be found at the temporary CLAMP SHOP in Mitsukoshi Nagoya.
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For those who are awake, the CLAMP Fes web special is online right now here at with Daisuke Namikawa, Junichi Mogi and Kotani Kinya.

And CLAMP-NET has updated with news that the xxxHOLiC live-action drama will start February 2013 with a run of 8 episodes. There will be a marathon run of the anime and xxxHolic movie in January to celebrate.
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Coming to WOWOW in 2013 will be a live-action adaptation of CLAMP's xxxHOLiC manga!


Keisuke Toyoshima will be the director.
Shota Sometani has been cast as Watanuki.
Anne has been cast as Yuuko.
WOWOW's xxxHolic drama website with a short comment from CLAMP.

Comments by the cast and more info can be found at mantan-web


Surprising and wonderful news!!!...I am guessing that that is the xxxHolic news in CLAMP Pia.


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